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Your partner proposed, and now you find yourself staring straight into the face of a dazzling Lauren B diamond engagement ring. Now, how do you keep your diamond clean and cared for?

Diamond engagement rings require a little TLC and careful attention, as does any precious possession. Caring for your engagement ring requires consideration, though it is not laborious by any means. In this blog, we will share with you our tips for caring for your engagement ring, a step-by-step guide for cleaning your ring, and recommendations for proper ring protection.
If you’d rather watch a quick video on proper ring care, watch our Ring Care & Cleaning: Everything You Need to Know video!

How to Care for Your Engagement Ring
Gemstones are strong and durable. Diamonds, in particular, are the hardest mineral known to man. While we admire gemstones for their impressive quality, they are not indestructible.  
Ensuring your engagement ring has the proper fit, knowing how to properly remove your engagement ring, knowing when not to wear your engagement ring, and selecting compatible jewelry will ensure your engagement ring remains as pristine as the day your partner proposed. 
Ring Fit
Ring fit is a fundamental aspect of ring care; your engagement ring should slide over your knuckles with ease and fit snugly around the base of your finger. While the ring shouldn’t be impossible to take off, it should be relatively hard to remove without a little effort.
If your engagement ring is too large it could either fall off your finger from sudden movement or cause the band to warp to the shape of your finger, which may damage the settings and compromise the integrity of the center stone.
If you experience any of the following, you might consider getting your ring resized:

Does your ring spin or rotate on your finger?
Does your ring leave an indent on your finger when you remove it?
Do you feel pressure on your finger or see the skin being squeezed?

Keep in mind, not all fingers are the same, and just because the ring is difficult to slip over the knuckle, does not necessarily mean the ring does not fit! If you’re not sure how to tell if your engagement ring is the correct fit, book an appointment with a Lauren B design consultant or call our Customer Service line.

1.40 carat Antique Cushion Diamond Three-Stone Ring

2.50 ct Oval Diamond Yellow Gold Four-Prong Engagement Ring
How to Properly Remove Your Ring
There is only one safe way to remove your engagement ring from your ring finger: pull gently from the sides of the band and wiggle until the ring slips past your knuckle. If you are trying you remove your ring and it feels stuck, remember to stay calm – it will come off! If your finger is swollen for any reason and you are having a hard time removing your ring, remember not to yank on the ring but gently wiggle the ring. If the ring is still not coming off, try running your hand under cold water or applying ice to help the swelling to go down. TIP: when wiggling the ring off the finger, try pushing up from the bottom to create a gap between the top of the finger and the base of the setting.
DO NOT remove your engagement ring from the center stone; this is a surefire way to both dirty your diamond and place unnecessary stress on the center stone setting.  
When NOT to Wear Your Ring
While we understand you want to show off your stunning engagement ring as much as possible, there are certain occasions during which wearing your ring could damage the center stone or band. These occasions include:

Exercising. Whether lifting weights or hitting a personal best at spin class, wearing your engagement ring while exercising could dirty your ring or damage the setting. 
House Chores. This includes cleaning, moving furniture, organizing, or anything that requires constant contact with a surface. 

While sleeping. The prongs that secure your beautiful center stone could easily get caught on a thread from your bedding. Loose prongs could jeopardize the security of your center stone. 

Washing your hands. While washing your hands seems like an innocent activity, harsh soaps and some tap water can dirty your diamond. If possible (and safe to do so), remove your engagement ring prior to washing your hands.

Showering. Showering can also dirty your engagement ring center stone and pave diamonds. 

When Pairing Jewelry… 
We recommend that you be mindful of the jewelry you pair with your engagement ring, specifically wedding bands or costume jewelry that is worn on the middle finger. Wedding bands with larger stones or prong settings can rub against your engagement ring, which can cause damage to both rings. 
Our design consultants will discuss safe wedding band pairings with you to ensure your engagement ring and wedding band remain intact. 

Two-Row Compass and Pave Set Diamond Eternity Band

Delicate Pave Diamond Eternity Band

2.85 CT Oval Diamond Eternity Band

How to Clean Your Ring

4.60 Carat Round Diamond Six-Prong Engagement Ring
Diamonds are brilliant, scintillating, and downright mesmerizing. Diamonds draw light from the top of the stone, pass the light through the gemstone’s many facets, and reflect that light back to the viewer. 
When a diamond builds a layer of grime on its surface, the stone’s sparkle begins to dull, interfering with the natural reflective process. A dirty diamond may appear cloudy or develop a brownish tint. While infrequently cleaning your diamond will not harm the stone, a dirty diamond may be underwhelming in appearance. 
Diamonds are naturally sticky. This gemstone will attract dirt, grime, dust, and fingerprints fairly quickly. Hand washing, an unintentional messy makeup application, or sudsy showers can interfere with the beauty of your diamond. 
Regularly cleaning your diamond engagement ring will ensure your precious stone remains in tip-top shape both aesthetically and functionally. 
The Internet is chalked full of interesting information and recommendations for how to clean your engagement ring. Under no circumstances should you use the following products to clean your engagement ring:

Boiling Water
An Espresso Machine
A Dish Brush
Any Hard Bristle Brush

While there are plenty of wild engagement ring cleaning “hacks” online for how to clean your engagement ring, but we recommend that you avoid pursuing any of these to avoid harming your precious diamond.
At-Home Cleaning Tips
If you live remotely and cannot visit the Lauren B showroom, or you just need a quick cleaning solution, you can clean your engagement ring from the comfort of your own home. 
What You Need…

A Jar
Dish Soap
Warm Water
Soft Bristle Toothbrush
Microfiber Cloth


Fill your jar with warm water and add a few drops of dish soap. 
Place your ring in the jar. Let it sit for 2-3 minutes. 
Take your engagement ring from the jar of water and gently brush the ring with your soft bristle toothbrush. Make sure you brush from all angles and get the underside of the ring (this is where dirt and grime build-up likes to congregate). 
Pour a bit of fresh water over the ring to remove the soap and dirt. 
Air dry your engagement ring or wipe your ring with a microfiber cloth. Do not use a paper towel; this will leave microparticles on your diamond. 

If you have purchased or plan to purchase your engagement ring from Lauren B, we offer cleaning pens with every engagement ring purchase and free lifetime cleaning in-store. You can use the Lauren B cleaning pen to spot clean your engagement ring or as an additional step following your regular cleaning. 

1.55 Carat Round Diamond Hidden Halo™ Engagement Ring

1.60 Carat Heart Shape Diamond Two-Tone Signature Wrap Ring

0.96 ct Oval Diamond Halo Three Row Band Engagement Ring

Protecting Your Engagement Ring
Caring for your diamond engagement ring goes beyond what you can see. Protecting your ring with a lifetime warranty and quality insurance is a crucial aspect of ring care. 
All Lauren B engagement rings have a limited lifetime warranty, which will cover your engagement ring in the case of defects. You can learn more about our limited lifetime warranty here. 
Ring insurance will protect your engagement ring against incidental damage, loss, or theft. We recommend that you insure your engagement ring as soon as possible. All you will need for insurance coverage is an appraisal of your engagement ring, which is provided with every Lauren B jewelry purchase. 

Lauren B Makes it Easy
At Lauren B, we want you to be eternally happy with your engagement ring and wedding band pairing. Our limited lifetime warranty, free lifetime cleanings, and cleaning pens ensure you have everything you need to keep your diamonds as brilliant as the day you got them. 
For general inquiries about your Lauren B engagement ring or wedding band, you can email and a team member will respond as soon as possible. 

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