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We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new LAB Ready Collection featuring GIA-graded lab-grown diamond engagement rings!

The LAB Ready collection offers a variety of diamond shapes and styles to suit every bride. Whether your fiance desires a traditional, round “brilliant” cut solitaire engagement ring or a vintage-inspired antique cushion cut ring, there is something for everyone in this collection.
But first, what is a lab-grown diamond and why should you choose this stone for your engagement ring?

ICYMI: An Introduction to Lab-Grown Diamonds

2.02 Carat Round Lab-Grown Diamond 
D Color | VS1 Clarity
In case you missed our myth-busting blog post The Truth About Lab Grown Diamonds, there is more than a fair share of misinformation regarding lab-grown diamonds. Why are lab-grown diamonds so misunderstood? This may be, in part, to the disbelief that anything other than a mined diamond can be a real diamond. 
Lab-grown diamonds, also known as “man-made diamonds” or “lab-created diamonds,” are authentic diamonds. In fact, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) revised its definition of a diamond in 2018 to exclude the word “natural.” Their reasoning for the significant change is that it is no longer accurate to identify diamonds as exclusively natural; laboratory-created diamonds are real diamonds with the same chemical, physical, and optical properties as mined diamonds. The diamond has met its match. 
Lab-grown diamonds are not to be confused with other natural diamond alternatives including cubic zirconia and moissanite, which look similar to diamonds but do not have the same chemical or physical properties as a natural diamond. Without high-grade technological equipment, lab-grown diamonds cannot be differentiated from natural diamonds. Even with specialized equipment, it would take a specially trained industry professional to identify conflicting crystal patterns between the two gemstones. 
Emerging technology and increased market competition over the past few years have stabilized prices making lab-grown diamonds a viable, cost-effective natural diamond alternative for engagement ring center stones and fine jewelry. 

The LAB Ready Collection
Each engagement ring in our LAB Ready collection features the highest quality lab-grown diamond center stone (or stones) with premium cut, clarity, and color. These styles are “shopping cart” ready for a romantic proposal; choose your desired metal color, and your partner’s ring size, and you are well on your way to a fruitful engagement and the journey of a lifetime. 
You can browse a few of the LAB Ready styles by shape below, or shop the entire collection.
Round “Brilliant” Cut
The round “brilliant” cut diamond is the most traditional engagement ring shape enjoyed by centuries of those with a sophisticated and romantic taste in jewelry. The brilliant cut faceting of round diamonds creates a scintillating sparkle that is unmatched by any fancy shape diamond. Additionally, round “brilliant” cuts offer a substantial surface area making the center stone appear larger than its verified carat weight.  

1.53 carat Round Lab-Grown Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring
Price: $5,900

1.5 carat Round Lab-Grown Diamond Halo Ring
Price: $6,750
Did you know that adding a pave diamond halo to the center stone of your engagement ring can increase the perceived size of your diamond by nearly a full carat? Our 1.5 carat Round Lab Grown Diamond Halo Ring features a double-edged halo design, which offers not just one but two rows of pave diamonds and pave diamond prongs. This glamorous detailing enhances the side profile of the engagement ring for ample bling from all angles. 
Cushion Cut
The cushion cut diamond is undoubtedly the most feminine cut with a soft, pillow-like appearance that exudes grace and elegance. Cushion cut diamonds are compatible with nearly every imaginable setting, though a delicate pave band or a subtle, diamond detail on the center stone setting embraces the minimalist elegance of this cut.

1.54 carat Cushion Cut Lab Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring
Price: $5,600

1.72 carat Cushion Cut Lab Diamond Engagement Ring
Price: $5,000
Radiant Cut
The radiant cut diamond was the second most requested diamond shape in 2021. Radiant cut diamonds feature the structured, rectangular shape of the emerald cut diamond with comparable sparkle and fire to the round “brilliant” cut. The result is a stunning center stone intended for an equally captivating individual.

1.6 carat Radiant Cut Lab Diamond Pave Prong Ring
Price: $5,650

1.68 carat Lab-Grown Radiant Cut Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring
Price: $6,900
While the radiant cut diamond is enchanting in a minimalist solitaire engagement ring style, adding a pair of trapezoid side stones elevates the glamor to new levels. You can learn more about compatible side stones in our blog post Choosing the Side Stones for Your Three-Stone Engagement Ring. 
Pear Shape
The pear shaped diamond is playful and alluring, perfect for a bride with creative flair. Born as a hybrid of the oval cut diamond and the marquise diamond, the pear shape features one rounded end and one pointed end in a teardrop shape. The pear shaped diamond has the highest length-to-width ratio next to the marquise shape; this means that pear shaped center stones present larger on the finger covering more surface area than most fancy shape diamonds.  

1.76 carat Pear Shape Lab Diamond Hidden Halo™ Ring
Price: $6,800

1.55 carat Pear Shape Lab Diamond Signature Wrap Ring
Price: $5,850
Oval Cut
The oval cut diamond is the most popular shape in 2020 and 2021. Furthermore, our 2022 engagement ring predictions secure the oval diamond as the most popular shape for the third year in a row. 
Oval diamonds, similar to pear-shaped diamonds, provide significant finger coverage and appear larger on the finger when compared to other fancy-shaped diamonds with corresponding carat size. The brilliant-cut faceting of the oval diamond retains the sparkle of a round diamond in an elongated shape. 

1.71 carat Oval Lab Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring
Price: $5,670

1.7 carat Oval Lab Diamond Three-Row Pave Ring
Price: $7,250
Emerald Cut
Emerald cut diamonds have an air of sophistication with an artistic, Art Deco aesthetic that is extremely pleasing to the eye. The long parallel facets of the emerald cut diamond produce a “Hall of Mirror” effect that reveals a clear window into the center of the diamond making clarity a particularly important feature.

1.61 carat Emerald Cut Lab Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring
Price: $5,800
Emerald cut diamonds pair beautifully with a set of elongated baguette diamonds or trapezoid diamonds to emphasize the artistic appeal of the emerald cut. The 1.61 carat Emerald Cut Lab Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring featured above showcases an emerald cut center stone with matching step cut trapezoid diamonds. The matching step cuts of the emerald cut center stone and the trapezoid side stones create uniformity while the tapering effect of the trapezoid side stones adds dimension to this beautiful three-stone engagement ring. 

1.76 carat Emerald Cut Lab Diamond Engagement Ring
Price: $5,500
Antique Cut
Antique cushion cut diamonds, also known as the “Old Mine Cuts,” have adorned brides’ fingers for nearly 200 years! The antique cushion cut presents the same feminine, the pillow-like shape of the modern cushion cut, but with chunkier facets that add a dash of vintage to the overall aesthetic.  

2.79 carat Antique Cushion Lab Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring
Price: $9,550

3.02 carat Antique Cushion Lab Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring
Price: $14,200
Diamond Duos
The diamond duo is an increasingly popular engagement ring trend that has captivated brides with eclectic tastes. Why have one center stone when you can have two equally captivating center stones? 
We offer two diamond duo designs in our LAB Ready collection: the 1.5 carat Oval and 1.1 carat Cushion Lab Diamond Duo and the 1.5 ct Pear and 1.1 ct Heart Lab Diamond Duo. Each diamond duo design offers a beautiful pair of center stones that, when placed side-by-side, create a show-stopping engagement ring. 

1.5 carat Oval and 1.1 carat Cushion Lab Diamond Duo Engagement Ring
Price: $6,400 

1.5 ct Pear and 1.1 ct Heart Lab Diamond Duo Ring
Price: $6,750

Why Choose a LAB Ready Engagement Ring?
We hope, by now,  you have fully embraced the lab-grown diamond as a real diamond with the same chemical composition, physical properties, and optical appearance as a natural diamond.  
Why choose a LAB Ready engagement ring for your partner? Lab-grown diamonds are high-quality gemstones with an excellent value providing a compelling alternative to natural diamond center stones. As an added benefit, lab-grown diamonds are naturally conflict-free and ethically produced since they originate from a laboratory environment. Lab-created diamonds are a sustainable, budget-friendly center stone option. 
For general inquiries or specific questions regarding our LAB Ready Collection, you can email us at 
Happy shopping! 

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