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Founded in 2006, James Allen has pioneered the way consumers shop for fine jewelry online. Though shy of just a decade in the business, its founders have 60 years combined experience, and have manufactured diamonds for major retailers, including Tiffany & Co. That said, the traditional brick-and-mortar model, which was the bread and butter for luxury brands, isn’t as viable as it once was.
“As the younger generation is reaching an age that they can afford fine jewelry, they also have an ingrained understanding that they can search and self-educate to find the best quality, selection and price,” says Oded Edelman, the brand’s Co-Founder & CEO. “This stands in sharp contrast to a few years ago when a consumer could only go to a few jewelry stores, see one or two diamonds in each of these stores, and end up purchasing one of the few they considered without the ability to understand what they’re seeing in the store.”

With e-commerce slowly becoming a major force in driving sales, brands are keen to bolstering the customer experience online. James Allen is certainly focused on this, revamping their website to offer the smoothest, no-fuss way to buying engagement rings. As Edelman says:

“We are constantly refining the features and functionality of our website based on how consumers are interacting with the website.”

Here, Edelman discusses the fine jewelry industry, what sets his brand apart, and how to buy the perfect engagement diamond.

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