Embrace Serenity with KARMA AND LUCK – Soothing Oasis: A Unique Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

In a world filled with hustle and bustle, where the demands of daily life often drown out the subtle melodies of serenity, finding moments of tranquility becomes invaluable. KARMA AND LUCK recognizes this universal need for balance and introduces the Soothing Oasis – an exquisite testament to the fusion of aesthetic beauty and spiritual significance. This Women’s Genuine Opal Emerald Gemstones 18K Gold Plated Brass Evil Eye Charm Bracelet transcends the ordinary, inviting wearers into a realm of calm amidst the chaos. Each element of the bracelet is crafted with meticulous care, reflecting the brand’s commitment to quality and authenticity. Inspired by timeless traditions, the Soothing Oasis is more than a fashion accessory; it’s a conduit for positive energy and an emblem of personal growth, providing a tangible reminder that amidst life’s challenges, there exists a tranquil oasis waiting to be discovered.

Crafted with precision and adorned with genuine Opal and Emerald gemstones, this bracelet becomes a vessel for ancient wisdom and contemporary style. The opulent blend of these stones serves a dual purpose, not only enhancing the bracelet’s aesthetic allure but also imbuing it with holistic properties. As wearers adorn themselves with the Soothing Oasis, they carry a shield of protection against negative energies, while the gemstones work in harmony to align emotions and nourish the spirit. Rooted in the ethos of KARMA AND LUCK, this bracelet is a beacon of positivity, inviting individuals to embrace the beauty of their personal journey and fostering an environment of serenity amidst the clamor of modern life.

The Power of the Evil Eye Charm:

Embrace the centuries-old belief that the Evil Eye can absorb and reflect negative energies. The gorgeous Evil Eye charm on this bracelet serves as a powerful talisman against envy and other harmful thoughts. It’s a unique fusion of style and spiritual significance, reminding us to stay centered amidst life’s challenges.

Genuine Opal and Emerald Gemstones:

This bracelet isn’t just a fashion statement; it’s a holistic accessory designed to enhance your well-being. The luminous White Ethiopian Opal stones work together with lush Emerald gemstones to create a harmonious balance. The Opals help you navigate your emotions, while the Emeralds bring a sense of hope, encouragement, gentleness, and compassion into your life.

Nourish Your Spirit with Emerald Stones:

Just as a garden needs care to thrive, so does your spirit. The Emerald gemstones in this bracelet act as a healing force for the heart chakra, alleviating emotional burdens and infusing your aura with positive energy. Wear it as a daily reminder to tend to your inner garden, fostering growth and resilience.

Size and Material:

The Soothing Oasis bracelet is designed to fit wrists from 6.5″ to 8″. It’s crafted from high-quality 18K Gold Plated Brass, ensuring durability and a timeless aesthetic. Cultivated in the cultural hub of Jaipur, India, each piece is a testament to craftsmanship and tradition.


More than a brand, KARMA AND LUCK is a lifestyle that draws inspiration from timeless traditions. Our products, like the Soothing Oasis bracelet, are not just accessories but thoughtful essentials designed to bring happiness, health, and prosperity into your life. Embrace the beauty of traditions and manifest your dreams with KARMA AND LUCK.

The Soothing Oasis transcends the realm of conventional jewelry; it is a symbolic journey towards self-discovery and positivity. As wearers adorn themselves with this enchanting Women’s Genuine Opal Emerald Gemstones 18K Gold Plated Brass Evil Eye Charm Bracelet, they embark on a path of personal exploration and growth. The mesmerizing blend of genuine gemstones and the protective Evil Eye charm create a harmonious synergy, infusing the wearer’s life with serenity and style. It becomes more than an accessory; it becomes a tangible representation of the wearer’s commitment to cultivating positive energy and embracing the beauty of their individuality.

Whether chosen as a gift for oneself or a loved one, the Soothing Oasis carries with it the promise of meaningful connections and shared moments of tranquility. In the act of gifting, it becomes a conduit for expressing love, protection, and well-wishing. Beyond its physical presence, the bracelet encourages individuals to embrace the KARMA AND LUCK lifestyle—a philosophy where every piece of jewelry tells a unique story, and every accessory serves as a daily reminder to awaken a greater awareness and purpose. In a world where mindfulness and intentionality are paramount, the Soothing Oasis invites individuals to adorn themselves with positivity, fostering a sense of purpose and serenity with each passing day.

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